Far Infrared Vs Electric Heating Pads

Heating pads are just like blessings while it comes to the question of back pains. To get recovery from a considerable back pain without the help of medication seems to be very difficult; however, heating pads created a revolution and made this impossible to possible.

Far-Infrared-Vs-Electric-Heating-PadsInfrared and electric heating pads are generally used; nevertheless, some crucial differences are there among these two. Many people have queries, such as which one offers more heat, which one is more costly or which one lasts longer? It will be easy to choose the appropriate one after going through the differences between them. Some of such differences are described below:

Heat Penetration

Heating pads that are purchased from neighboring pharmacies generally electrical in nature. The Electric heating pad provides heating to one’s skin only. The warmth linked to the electrical heating pad remains up to one’s skin only as well as it does not extend to that person’s body. Due to the reason that the heat is not reaching to one’s internal organs or tissues, the pain comes back straightforward at the particular moment it is shut off.

Infrared heating pads transform light energy into heat energy. It is able to penetrate in depth of the skin. This infrared rays’ deep penetration into the organs and tissues not only alleviate pain but also elevates the blood circulation. This elevated blood circulation helps in the quicker healing of one’s damaged muscles. Another incredible benefit of infrared heating pads is that if it is utilized for 30 minutes, then they assure to relieve pain for 6 hours continuously.

Heating Elements

For heating, Electric heating pads make use of cotton fibers. Whereas infrared heating pads also utilize cotton fibers but in addition to the jade stones, tourmaline stones as well as amethyst stones. Jade stones help in transmitting the infrared waves to one’s muscles, bones, and nerves through the skin.

EMF Radiation

Electric heating pads discharge high radiations than infrared waves. They generate an electromagnetic field or EMF aside from heat production. EMF radiations can be detrimental to the human body.

Infrared waves are a major part of visible spectrum range of the sun. We are not able to see them; however, can feel their produced heat only. Such types of rays are completely dissimilar from UV rays and they are completely safe for the living beings. For the safety level of infrared rays, doctors utilize them for yielding heat in natal units. The heat, generated by infrared rays, does not develop any type of rashes or skin burn.

Electrical heating pads are helpful in relieving pain short-term basis but the advantages of Far Infrared heating pads are as follows:

  • Far infrared rays give relief from pain on a long-lasting basis.
  • It helps to alleviate arthritis pain.
  • It elevates blood circulation that successively cleanses the body as well as encourages healing.
  • Elevated blood circulation results in detoxification of the body.
  • It helps to improve the range of motion.

In a nutshell, it relieves the pain, assists in alleviating stress, and relaxes the body.

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