#5 Safety Tips for New Treadmill Users

Are you going to start using treadmills for fitness trining? Here is some of the tips you need to read before you start exercising on treadmills. It is very important to follow safety tips while using treadmill especially when you are using it for the first time. Below are the some important safety tips for treadmill users, do follow.

safety tips treadmillRead the user manual first

If you are new to using the treadmill or if you have bought the new treadmill, you must read the user manual of the new treadmill and understand the know the features of the treadmill. You must know how it function, the treadmill. According to the HealthJi, Different model of treadmill and different brands of treadmills have different working. You must know how it starts, how to stop it, how to increase the speed etc.

Install the treadmill at proper place

You can’t install the treadmill in congested area, you need to have proper space to install it. Also, if you have small kids in the home, keep the treadmill away from them as it can hurt them hard. Apart from kids, you need to save pets from treadmills. And never ever leave the treadmill running or unattended while not using.

Keep looking forward

It is advisable not to watch anywhere else while using the treadmill and focus on forward. That will help you to avoid some of the major accidents and injury as well. Always remain in the centre of the treadmill belt, not too much on any side, this will help to use it safely.

Don’t run barefoot on treadmill

When you run on the treadmill belt, there will be heat and some friction will be produced which is not good for your body. So, always ware sports shoes while running on the treadmills.

Ready to feel dizzy

When you are using the treadmill for first few times, when you stop the treadmill or when you go off from treadmill, you will feel dizzy as something has been stopped all sudden. Remain silent and seat on the ground if you feel too much dizzy.

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